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Re: question about warm-up (taisho) routine?

@Janet: now that you point it out, I knew what I was missing from the first post.. I'm familiar with most of the taisho routine being showed here but some are new for me..

1. the funakogi undo from 2:43 is different from what we are being taught (in our dojo). Suganuma sensei (and the other shihans whose seminars I've attended) does it like in the video but we were taught to do it in a more circular motion.. since all the hombu dojo shihan does it like in the video, I suppose that is the correct way so do you think I should try to persuade my sensei to change the way we do it? does funakogi undo not have other purpose other than spiritual side?
2. the furi-tama from 3:06. is this exercise only for praying/wishing for everlasting peace on earth? one of my senpai said that this is for shaking/waking up the body and inner strength(?)
3. the movements from 3:30 to 3:40. what are those movements called? what are their purpose? Suganuma sensei (almost) isn't talking at all while doing them.
4. from what I see, I'm guessing that the movements from 3:41 is to stretch the hips and waist but are there any other purpose?
5. the movement from 3:50. I was taught to inhale (into tanden) when bending down and exhale when looking up. but I find it hard to inhale into tanden while bending down. is my method and steps correct? is this movement only for stretching?
6. in 4:46, I was also taught this kind of stretching in taichi but in taichi, I was taught to try to put the soles of my feet flat on the ground instead of letting it up like how Suganuma sensei does it because in taichi, there are parts of the kata that requires the soles of the feet to be flat on the ground. in the (aikido) dojo, should I do it like Suganuma sensei or is the taichi version ok (for stretching purposes, since the effect feels similar and I read that aikido uses similar principles as taichi)
7. the stretching routines from 9:42 are also taught in gym classes but with slight difference. in gym classes, we were taught to use our hands. why does Suganuma sensei not use his hands to pull his head/neck?
8. from 10:24, why does he grab his thumbs?

I guess those are my questions for now.. sorry for the long post

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