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Stephen Nichol
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Re: Origins and inspirations of kumijo

I sometimes wonder about the origins of Aiki-weapon work in (Iwama) Aikido which I study as well. My sensei's are always very clear on it being a system developed to help your Aikido, not a weapon system unto itself or to be considered as such.

So, mainly for solo training and when done in paired situations, for distance and timing in the context of Aikido which is why is not like any older, koryu system out there. Even if it's origins come from the older systems in bits and pieces it has been modified to make it possible to study and develop your Aikido from it and nothing more.

I would certainly not rely on my Aiki-weapons training in itself to go and check my 'weapons' ability with someone who does even Kendo let alone a koryu kenjutsu system. I have no illusions about what Aiki weapons are about.

So at a point I stopped wondering about the origin and just focused on what I am supposed to be learning from it so my understanding and ability in Aikido improves.
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