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Re: Yoseikan katas

Michael Crowell wrote: View Post
BTW, I think it's great that many Yoseikan enthusiasts accross a variety of continents and organizations can come together in the spirit of budo.

I'm only a student so please don't take this for gospel, but I believe the Shime Waza No Kata goes something like this:

1. Ashi Hagai
2. Kata Nori Katate Jime
3. Ushiro Kata Nori Katate Jime
4. Ushiro Murki Katate Jime
5. Hadaka Te Kubi Jime
6. Hadaka Hiji Jime
7. Yoko Eri Jime
8. Tsuri Komi Jime
9. Kata Ha Jime
10. Okuri Eri Jime
11. Juji Ka Jime
12. Okuri Eri Jime
13. Juji Jime
14. Sode Kuchi
15. Suso Jime
16. Sankaku Jime
17. Hachi Juji Jime
I've seen this kata change in order a couple of times. You can always say - this was an older version if called on it.

David had some good points about these kata as well. These two were really designed to be a repository of information on the shimi waza and kensetsu waza in Yoseikan.

Sure would love to get my hands on a copy of the book if anyone has ever scanned it or came across it in electronic format. I have been able to see it before and remember that the pictures were great (since I can't read Japanese).

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