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Re: Aikido dojo in Hong Kong

Try HKAA(Hong Kong Aikido Association) this the site:

This organization was founded by Ken Cottier Shihan 7th Dan in 1971. He passed away in 2008 his students now teach. I can't comment on how good they are cause I haven't been there but my Sensei used to train under Cottier Shihan there as well and from what he used to tell us its a great dojo filled with great and talented instructors and students.

About styles I don't know what style they do you will have to ask them. At some point when you get better what dojo you visit and what its style won't matter as long as your Aikido is effective and that should be your main aim. If you go to the dojo you should watch the first time and see if it suits you than go another time to try it out just to make sure if its what your looking for.

If you feel your more comfortable with your current style and might have a problem if your taught in another way than I agree with the others suggestions you should stick to that style till you are a Yudansha.

Note: there is a schedule online but just in case it has been changed contact them first before going to watch or train.

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