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Re: Japanese Aikido Prayer at beginning of class

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Sorry if this is well known...did a search and didnt see it.

But at the beginning of class, when everyone is in sieza and they bow to O'Sensei, they mumble something (like a low chant) and stop.
Its real quick.

What are they saying?
(Translation would be nice, but I believe I will need to know & learn to say this in Japanese for my next test. I will also need to learn to count to 10 in Japanese, as well as say some basic Japanese words as well...which the latter I have on paper to learn from, and the former - numbers- I should be able to find on the internet.)

No one has told me what it is, or rather how to say the chant...and the low mumble I cant make out heads or tails what they are saying in Japanese...I would ask, but my Hungarian isnt much better.

I know it may sound strange, but the instructor doesnt necessarily go over the requirements for the fact i got a requirement sheet off of another student...of which does not have the japanese text/chant for me, anyway...)


Hi I was in a similar position to you. But I asked my sensei and in yoshinkan we say Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (that's the Romani) it means 'please treat me well'
Basically but you know the Japanese that will have different meaning depending on context. Google translate thinks it means thank you but that's arigato gozaimasu
Oh and OSU! (Oos) basically means 'yeah'. Or it's Japan's way of replying to a senior, like in the army you say sir!

Help you do well in aikido, same with every one else!
I'm going for black belt in October.
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