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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Techniques are dead: Living movement vs dead technique

If you're going to talk about techniques, whether "living" or "dead" they are still just memorized mechanical techniques, driven by conventional use of positional angles, leverage, and the momentum created by stepping and turning.

The discussion about body method as the engine that drives technique, is the more relevant one, but it's been had dozens of times.

Sokaku Takeda was known to never do the same "technique" twice when teaching; it all was spontaneous. This was not because he had some kind of huge catalogue of memorized techniques stored in his noggin; it was because his body was conditioned in a specific way for power generation that made virtually every movement he made a potent tool or weapon. With that engine in place, he could draw from his knowledge of grappling/jujutsu/sumo/sword outward expressive movements that could vary and adjust according to what the opponent gave him in force and type of attack. Thus, his "techniques" seemed myriad, and his followers struggled to write things down and create a laundry list of "techniques" and training syllabus based on what was really a spontaneous display of artistic expression on a refined level.
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