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Keith Larman
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Re: Is it still Aikido if you take away the Japanese clothes, etiquette and other things?

Well, in the loving memory of the horse that has been beaten to death repeatedly in this thread (or would it be the pin-head dancing angels?) I do solemnly swear to wear my rainbow thong under my hakama tonight along with my hello kitty t-shirt. Hold on, wait a minute, I could wear a Japanese school girl outfit under the keikogi and hakama -- that would be "truly" Japanese. So my Aikido will be real! Ooooh, and I can still wear the thong! Yay? Real Aikido because lord knows I've seen a lot of that stuff in true Japanese publications! At least the ones I find when I search for "Japanese Schoolgirl Clothing". But I'm not sure those girls are truly doing Aikido... Wrong costume, eh?

Sorry, back to the angel counting...

All you guys aren't doing it right. Only *my* aikido is the real Aikido (tm, patent pending, etc.) because my wife is genetically Japanese... So there.

Funny how many people have told me I can't polish japanese style swords because I wasn't raised in Japan. So I suppose the japanese kid I met last week with the rainbow hair and body piercings visiting from Tokyo probably has some sort of genetic/collective consciousness of all things Japanese sword. Yeah, I'm sure if I asked him for the difference between okarasu and shinogi zukuri he'd pop right up with an answer... Hmmm, maybe if he's in to anime he would. Ah, hell, I give up... Obviously I need to do something else... Something American. Like making pizza... No, wait, then we'll be arguing New York vs. Chicago style...

"But everyone knows Chicago style is real pizza because that's what I like and have in my area..."

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