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Aikido is Strategy

Håkan Carlsson wrote:
Now, many of you would probably say that Aikido is about reacting to your opponent, there's no need for learning advanced strategy.

But I think that strategy is just that, reacting to your opponent, and sometimes reacting to what you think your opponent's action will be, when you don't see it.
I have been taught that in both strategy and Aikido, knowing the opponent's methods and applying creativity to this knowledge gives one the upper hand. Yes, strategy is dependent on physical ability and technical competence, but it relies more heavily on the mind, on applying the tools you have. Real strategy, real aikido, real life is about creative action, not merely reaction. Knowing the full range of possibilities is the (educational) purpose of most dojos or most schools of strategy. In the end, the best problem solver with the best intelligence wins the battle of strategy.

Jim Vance
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