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Bruce Baker
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NO ... aikido is not a good first martial art.

About half the questions of Aikido not working are because people have not had the experience of training in other martial arts, or understanding the mechanics of Aikido come from a variety of these other arts.


My 13 year old son, who has had a couple of years of basic karate started Aikido recently, and he not only did the adult class, but easily mastered many of the instructions much quicker than the usual adults who have no previous training.

Then, today, my daughter tried her first class, and although it has been ten years, when she was eleven for her last lesson, she too was able to easily keep up with the normal class with only minor adjustments.

No ... Aikido is not a good first martial art, but it is not to be missed in any persons training.

You must eventually learn some Aikido to make what you learn elsewhere to make it work better.

I know those who have practiced other martial arts truly appreciate the power of Aikido after being in other arts.
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