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Re: dealing with uke from hell

If you're in a dojo where speaking during training is permitted (some don't allow it), ask something like, "Ok, I see I'm not moving you - where am I going wrong - what do I have to do to make you move?" or something along those lines.

My experience has been that most people of higher grade than mine will let me get away with somewhat ineffective movements, (particularly with a new move) but get less and less forgiving as I learn the movement, until if I screw up, they block at least, counter at most. I usually look inquisitively and ask how to make it work - or I ask sensei - who usually fixes it with a "turn hip this way"...

and if none of that works, try to problem solve yourself. If that's not working, buy the guy/gal a beer and ask what you should do.. If THAT doesn't work I'm at a loss.

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