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Re: Getting Accustomed to high falls?

Jean Hardy wrote: View Post
.. every ukemi can be a roll ...
Stelios Papadakis wrote: View Post
So... i only take breakfalls from people i know and trust.
This is interesting to me:
My experience is that it is not uke who decide weather do roll out of a technique or to take a breakfall. I learned that it is tori who steers uke.
And that there are different ways to execute the same technique wich needs different ways of ukemi. So tori can throw in one way that leads to a backward roll, in another way that leads to a forward roll and a third way that leads to and needs high ukemi.

Accoring to this we we sometimes practice in a way where uke tries to fall backward and tori tries to lead him to a roll or to a high breakfall.
I am aware of the possibility of uke to simly let his center fall down like it is usual in judō. And I admit that it is hard to keep uke form doing this.

Jean Hardy wrote: View Post
...ukemi can be a roll even koshinage if you know some videos of Donavan Waite sensei on ukemi
Is there a video clip on the internet where I can see this? I
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