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Ueshiba & seishin kyoiku

Does anybody know of any references connecting Ueshiba with the concept of "seishin kyoiku" ( 精神教育 ), or rigorous training?

"Seishin kyoiku" could be translated as "spiritual education." This is the term that described the pre-war army's focus on developing perseverance, aggression, willpower, etc in its soldiers.

In martial arts, it might be connected with, for example, training to exhaustion and then training some more.

Does anyone know:

(1) Of quotations reflecting Ueshiba's opinion on seishin kyoiku?

(2) Whether seishin kyoiku-style training methods were employed in the Ueshiba dojo pre-war?

(3) Whether daito-ryu or the other jujutsu schools Ueshiba was connected with focused on seishin kyoiku style training?


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