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Re: dealing with uke from hell

Geoff Byers wrote: View Post
Oh my yes. If uke is resisting in such a fashion, you must change and adapt. If uke knows which technique is coming, even if you're stronger, they know exactly how to resist in order to defeat it. So, improvise, and do something else..
Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
You can set yourself different goals when you face uke with described behavior: an easy one is to respond to his reaction with whatever is efficient to control him. This kind of training develops spontaneous reaction from your part. Another goal can be closing all openings in a known technique -- then you try to do only this one technique. Normally, when you really master a certain technique, no counter is possible (see top judo players who use only 2-3 techniques and everybody knows which technique they are using) .
Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
Anything that is not disruptive to the class is on the table in my book.
assuming that one takes this as an opportunity to be more spontaneous, and polish their own techniques etc., should one do this only with the explicit consent/understanding of sensei or even the UFH--or just do it whenever this comes up?

are there any established etiquette or code of conduct in regard to such a situation particularly if you are not at your regular dojo (e.g. at a large seminar or another dojo)? i mean my concerns are primarily re: 1) being inadvertantly disrespectful to sensei, 2) things deteriorating into a 'pissing contest' or 3) missing the implicit lesson of developing patience and harmony.
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