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Re: dealing with uke from hell

I believe this kind of training is very valuable as a part of normal training cycle. It means, during class, you need a time to learn a new technique in very cooperative way, but also must be a time where you are pushed outside of your comfort zone by the kind of training you describe.
You can set yourself different goals when you face uke with described behavior: an easy one is to respond to his reaction with whatever is efficient to control him. This kind of training develops spontaneous reaction from your part. Another goal can be closing all openings in a known technique – then you try to do only this one technique. Normally, when you really master a certain technique, no counter is possible (see top judo players who use only 2-3 techniques and everybody knows which technique they are using).

So I think it is nothing to do with respect but it is a part of normal training. Sure thing, non-committed attacks are very difficult to deal with, even if you have 8 dan level. But it is a fun way to discover hidden aspects of aikido
You are very lucky to have such partner in your dojo.


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