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Re: Irimi: Entering = Initiate and Intercept

George Ledyard actually has a DVD specifically ON Irimi and it is WONDERFUL.

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Although I have only been training Aikido for about 3 years and I have become convinced that something is missing in my Aikido. It seems to me that I spend all my time and efforts focusing on the specific techniques being trained, trying to improve ever more and more details of these techniques. Of course it is important to improve technique but I keep saying to myself asking: "Aikido seems based on the fact that irimi should be done at the very same instance the attack starts. Even perfect technique will be useless if I cannot manage to initiate technique at the same moment the attack starts - right ?".

I really want to study the concept of Irimi, how do I know when to initiate Irimi and also how do I know what Irimi to perform.

The concept of Irimi as described by George S. Ledyard seems to be what I am looking for, but can anybody tell me where to find more information on this topic. I need to find some kind of concrete instructions or training methods to make me able to learn and study this concept. George mentiones Ushiro Sensei being able to teach this concept, but how do I access these teachings - are they to be found in any of his books or how am I to go about this ?

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