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Re: Getting Accustomed to high falls?

There is a simple methodology to learn high flying breakfalls. We distinguish two kinds of them: one where you have been thrown vertically to the tatami and the other one when you flying horizontally.
You start by learning how to land. First step is a roll forward from knee level but in the end of the roll you stop in the position of landing (where you touch tatami with 3 points of your body only (shoulder, and both feet) and you slap tatami with one of your arms). Next step is to do exactly the same thing but rolling through small obstacle – can be somebody lying flat on the ground. Next step is doing the same thing but rolling by somebody who is lying on the tatami on his knees and elbows. Only once you learn it, you may do it by jumping over somebody who is standing but with upper body bended 90 degree like reversed L
Next step is to give hold with your right hand the left hand of standing partner and jumping/rolling over your own arm.
These exercises are all static.
In all mentioned exercises you must land in the exactly same position. Repeat all of them every day for a few weeks.
After that you are ready to move to more dynamic exercises.

I disagree with Jean, IMO one must learn as much as possible to protect himself while receiving the techniques - there are quite a lot nasty throws where you simply can roll out.


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