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Re: Strategy in Aikido?

Håkan Carlsson (Xellous) wrote:
But I think that strategy is just that, reacting to your opponent, and sometimes reacting to what you think your opponent's action will be, when you don't see it. I'm pretty sure my Aikido will benefit from learning strategy.
Don Angier of Yangai ryu Aikijujutsu said that the principles of man-to-man combative disciplines are derived from general concepts of military strategy.

In terms of military strategy, Aikido follows the tenants of manuever warfare theory (ie Germany's Blitzkrieg or America's AirLand Battle Doctrine). Two boxers slugging it out toe to toe in the middle of the ring would be an example of attrition warfare theory (ie trench warfare).

On a tactical level, Aikido is similar to air-to-air combat because they both involve concepts of movement and energy.

Personally I find it ironic someone from France would make a comment about studying military strategy as a way to keep the officer corps busy. I guess the French military was too busy building the Maginot Line...

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