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Re: Getting Accustomed to high falls?

When I was young in aikido paratice, I did high breakfalls ad nauseam thinking that was what I had to do
for getting good in aikido.Before I learned the right way to fall I had to take some bad falls with some nages who could not care less if I landed right or not. So I injured myself quite a bit before gettig the hang of it. Now 25 years later my body is not able anymore to take that kind of falls so I don't. I discovered along the way that high breakfalls are not necessary at all except maybe for shows or demonstrations.
So I don't understand why some teachers make high breakfalls a necessity. Even if it is showed properly and the student do their falls without injuring themselves along the way, years of practice with that kind of falling will take a toll on the body it is inevitable.

I like rolling very much, every ukemi can be a roll even koshinage if you know some videos of Donavan Waite sensei on ukemi

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