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Re: YouTube: Kissomaru Ueshiba in 1993

I think that to nitpick this video truly misses the point (not slapping anyone here, just preemptively staking out a position). The man is in his 70’s (Doshu or not) we all need to cut him some slack. He does not seem to be as mobile and supple as his father at that age, who is, those are some really big shoes to fill. While he inherited his father’s genes, maybe not all the right ones to age as spectacularly as O’Sensei. Let us take from older aikidoka what they have to offer us, insight into flow and timing, adaptability to smaller more condensed movement, the evolution of technique based on changes in vigor and the essence of the mechanics that are preserved along this journey. We all get older, if we are lucky.

There are some misses and compliant ukes, so what, there are some beautiful throws as well. I suspect he could take some chances and perform some more spectacular stuff. But he does have his position to consider and nobody who is reasonable want to see an older Doshu lose it on an overly complicated throw. The fact that he is concentrating on basics is a lesson in itself, no matter how experienced you are, work the fundamentals that is how technique is perfected and persists.

That this man is a pivotal figure is undisputed, that he continues to work his art should be celebrated, that he still has things to teach people should come as no surprise. My sensei is in his early 70’s and is going gangbusters, plays at a level I will never attain, and has forgotten more aikido than I will ever know. For the last decade I have had the honor to attend the annual Harry Ishisaka memorial workout in Orange County. The cadre of older experienced yudansha that switch out every 30 minutes provide unique insight into the various aspects, different perspectives and a trove of cultural lore that pervades the art. The value of these shared experiences with older aikidoka are impossible to quantify, but they are profound and essential if succeeding yudansha are to continue propagating and developing the art. Doumo arigatou gozaimashita sensei(s).

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