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I thought I would throw this into the pot for some additional thought. In my style we are taught to snap back all punches like a whip so they come back faster than they go out. First, this keeps the hand from being caught and second, the hand is used as an offensive weapon on the snapback (the fist is made with the thumb on top like you were going to click a pen).
We also miss sometimes on purpose just to use the snapback to go into joint manipulations and strikes.

When I first started in aikido, I pointed this out to my instructor and they didn't believe it until I showed them what I was talking about. The best way to learn all of this is to study striking arts, not just drop aikido, but learn how to throw a proper punch and the strategies a good puncher/kicker uses to set up his attack and then plan accordingly for ideas.

Also, the way I was taught to throw a punch it does not leave me off balance at any point and they could not do a kotegaeshi from a punch to the midsection unless I purposely threw it "wrong" so you will have to rely on other methods if a striker knows what he/she is doing.

Just some thoughts to consider on this.
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