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Bruce Baker
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We seem to be getting somewhere.

As a father, I am trying to teach my children to be good individuals in a world that will mean well, but take advantage of you if you don't keep your wits about you.

As a human being, I find a morality of maintaining a law abiding society that will work for not only me, but generations that follow.

With Aikido, there is the ability to resolve conflict with conflict that is decisive, and strong, but it is tempered with wisdom and knowledge. If it means creating greater conflict to create harmony, then that is the harmony of the situation.

There is no absolute right way to resolve every situation.

I think ... most of what we learn is either from our mistakes or the mistakes of others.

In this vein, we are using Aikido to find clarity ... strength body and mind.

With our training, we can work out physical logistics without having to injure or kill each other ... so ... take your father to class or show him a video, and demonstrate some simple lessons.

If this doesn't work, let it go.

Go do what you want to do, it is, your life, your journey, your experience that teaches you what you need to know.
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