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Bill Hely
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Re: IS: Where to start?

Hi Dan. I was wondering when you'd pop up!

Of course I intend to continue with your Sunday morning get-togethers, but the research I've been doing into IP/IS has whet my appetite to get into it more deeply. Also, as a very recent arrival to your Sunday workshops, I am a fair bit behind in the basics.

Everything you say about the benefits of going with Seymour sensei makes perfect sense, and if he was anywhere within reasonable reach that would be the first course of action I would look at.

I must say the more I investigated I Liq Chuan the more I liked the look of it, especially from the perspective of his very structured syllabus and teaching style, which I think was one of Cady's main selling points for ILC.

I've since had information directly from Yen L. Chin at that Master Sam Chin will be visiting Australia "next summer" - by which I guess he means about this time next year.

I'm also going to try to get in contact with Ken Twaddell, who is a publicity-shy but apparently highly regarded exponent in the Chinese art forms. He is a mentor to my Kyusho instructor, so I should be able to get hold of him. I think his class schedules clash with my Aikido commitments, but he should be good for some advice and recommendations.

See you Sunday morning.
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