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Re: The Little Kids' Class

I think it is really important for children to have fun and be themselves since they are very young I think its hard to be very strict on them you don't want their childhood to be filled with unhappy memories. Its better to make them love Aikido first by letting them express themselves freely.

My Sensei did not like having children in his dojo and now I understand why its because he wanted a class just for children and since he did not have time to make other classes he never took children in since the difference between the atmosphere between children classes and adult classes were great and the teaching style was not the same as well.

But I do agree on kids starting martial arts at an early age whether its Aikido or anything else since they learn faster at least that's what I have experienced. Since they are still soft and don't use much muscle its great! I remember a story about my Sensei and his daughter he said "As she got older her Aikido become not that good since she started to try using her muscles more to do Aikido."

Thank you for this article and your time and hard work.

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