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Amos Lee Parker Shihan passes

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to inform of the passing of my mentor and teacher Amos Lee Parker Shihan, 9th dan Yoshinkan Aikido, US Navy retired.

It is hard for me to fathom a world without his presence but yet here it is! Through his 51 years of dedication to the martial art of Yoshinkan Aikido he was able to touch the lives of literally thousands of men, women and children both military and civilian. He was a man that walked the way he talked, and as such, was one of the most honorable I have yet to know.

His instruction was surgical, painful and precise but never without truth, love or compassion. He was a true warrior that always seemed to keep in balance the Yin and the Yang.

It is through the many folds that he touched that his legacy will continue. That means you! Let us carry on as he would want by getting back on the mats and training. Re-dedicate yourselves today and be the very best that you can be in whatever it is that you choose to do. That is all that he would ask of us. That is all that he expects. In doing this is to truly celebrate his life and his love - Yoshinkan Aikido.


Charlie Burmeister
5th dan, Aikido Yoshinkan Yoseikai

Funeral services are pending. However, condolences can be left at his Facebook group and will be forwarded to his family.

Charles Burmeister
Aikido Yoshinkan Yoseikai

"Calmness is trust in action"
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