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Re: Division of Divisiveness

Dear Ross,
I understand the points you make.Like any family children move away and start their own life.This is a natural proces. Nevertheless having studied Latin in my youth[many years ago]I felt that a symbol used by the Romans ie the fasces made a lot of sense.For those who are not familiar with symbol it was a number of wooden rods tied together.A single rod/staff could be broken, however when many rods /staffs were bound together the resulting bundle of rods could not be broken.Nowadays in my opinion[valued at 2 pence /5 cents ] there are too many groups setting up house and in many cases the quality of the aikido is suspect plus the dan grades /ranks are going through the roof.6th Dan/7th dan/Shihan are now ten a penny.Where is the quality now?I see very few who can emulate such people as Tamura /Yamaguchi /Saito etc nowadays.Gee whiz, Batman, I must be getting old /senile or both. I do not know whether to have a frontal lobotomy or a bottle in front of me these days.In a word I feel unity is strength.One of the main reasons for breakaway groups popping up like garden weeds is ego driven guys, personality disputes and delusion of grandeur, even monetary reasons.Cash is always a good incentive for some.
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