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Re: Aikido Focused on Seniors

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Personally, as a geriatric nurse case manager, what I would love to do is get people in their 30s through 50s who may or may not be interested in martial arts, and teach them NOT low impact aikido but how to be comfortable on the ground and slowly progress them into full out falls and rolls so that as older folks they do not have reflexive terror about falling.
But nobody seems interested in this, alas.
Dear Janet,
Since there are golden oldies in the community who often fall down and break their hips I would imagine a programme designed to make people more proficient in ukemi would be useful.The basic precautions of protecting oneself from damage is not too hard to learn even if the person is not a person involved in martial arts. Anything that prevents injuries to the oldies[me included ]must be a worthwhile project.As the saying goes prevention is better than a cure.Cheers, Joe
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