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Re: Practicing Ki is dangerous?!

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
OK now the argument is more clear to me. What is the reason to say that Takeda did not show solo methods to a few students (I'm thinking, Kodo, Hisa, Ueshiba, Sagawa)? By inference I think it looks more like he did show some.
Well I will see your by-inference and raise you an I-talked-to-a-guy-who: the students of Takeda wrote stuff, and none of them wrote about solo training methods.

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
So the skill of manipulating an attacker's force (and more importantly, the methodology to train this skill) originated independently in Sagawa, Ueshiba, Takeda, and various Chinese lineages like Taiji?
I remain unconvinced that those are not each unique methodologies, though I have this notion that I got from somewhere that everybody knew Sagawa studied Chinese martial arts at some point.

A page ago, we were talking about how Ueshiba was influenced by Chinese martial arts simply because the whole of Japanese culture was influenced by Chinese culture for centuries. In that light it should hardly be surprising that you would see something like aiki present in pretty much all Japanese martial arts.

(Unless of course it was winnowed out as frivolous or at least not-cost-effective by pre-Meiji systems....)
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