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Re: IS: Where to start?

Hi Bill,
I went down to practice with Seymour Sensei recently and got me onto strating the workshop style Sundays at my humble abode to work through the content. The value of hands on transmission is critical (so i need to get back, also important i think is something more or less compatible with your own background. Whilst it seems there are many paths to IP, having some kind of validation and not having to learn new terminology and baggage of a system I think can help just focus on what is important.
My own take away points is that it illuminated the somewhat practices of our Ki Society roots as well as the practices of Aikido Yuishinkai in this area (specifically through Okajima Sensei who has a DR background) and thus was more accessable that some of the chinese systems (at least to me)
From this view point its a beginning and a viewpoint to dissassemble the various practices from over the years, a mark in the sand - and begs more contact - which i need to find space in my life for somehow
Interestingly from a get together workshop there is a coming out of the wood work are a number of IP practitioners in brisbane connected, sometimes loosely to the dojo, and at last having a framework its a way to make some progress and find common ground.

My thanks to Seymour Sensei for taking in a complete unknown who happened to spot him in a Hawaii seminar photo.....


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