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Re: China and the Methods that Drive IP & Aiki

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Hmm. I'll see if I can track down where I got that idea from. I thought I read that in one of your blogs, the guy from the Sagawa style who trained with the guy who drew the manga...? Well obviously not or you wouldn't be asking me where I heard that Sagawa had researched chinese martial arts.
That would be Takahashi, he trained Taiji. There was also Yoshimaru Keisetsu, who trained some Chinese arts.

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
If the influence is pervasive and clear, that means it is obvious that Ueshiba trained with teachers of Chinese arts quite a bit and there is abundant evidence of this. It could simply be that there is a resemblance between what you believe Ueshiba was doing and what you know of Chinese martial arts. A resemblance could be explained by other things than influence.
No one that I know of (except Bruce Frantzis) is saying that Ueshiba trained with teachers of Chinese arts, but that doesn't mean that the influence isn't there.

What we're talking about is fairly specific, chance resemblance seems unlikely to me - especially given the increasingly large amount of information coming out.

The entire Japanese education system in Ueshiba's era was based around classical Chinese texts - I'm not sure why people find it so hard to accept that there was influence in all kinds of other areas as well.



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