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Re: China and the Methods that Drive IP & Aiki

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
The argument is that there is much more than a butterfly effect.
I thought it had been established that there was possibly some direct movement of Chinese training methodologies into Japanese martial arts via Yoshin ryu, Shinkage ryu, and then in the modern period Sagawa studied Chinese martial arts and integrated a lot of the methods, but there was no solid evidence that Takeda had any exposure to Chinese methods, and no good story that the various arts Takeda studied had Chinese influence at their roots.

And that Ueshiba hadn't actually practiced any Chinese arts.

What did I miss? Are you basing the idea that there was more than a butterfly effect on the fact that Ueshiba quoted the classics? Because, um...just about any Japanese person who was literate in the second millenium was familiar with those.
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