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Re: Practicing Ki is dangerous?!

Benjamin Edelen wrote: View Post
Serious question: can you share the titles of a couple of those Chinese texts that specifically address quality martial arts training? I have read dozens of martial arts books from many cultures and systems including CMA and found nearly all of them to be pretty awful. Only a handful of titles such as The Unfettered Mind and Igensho have been of use to me. You guys have made a big deal out of your confidence in the relevance of "the Chinese classics", including the rather bold implication that Osensei would agree with you if he was alive. For some reason I have never caught the titles of these works. Obviously I have already read the master and the sage and am looking for martial arts specific titles.
I hate to quote Wikipedia, but it has a basic list here:

Honestly, though, I wouldn't recommend them for learning much without a lot of relevant hands on.

IMO, the language that O-Sensei used is important for what it points to - a shared methodology. For much else you have to go to the people themselves.



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