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Re: Practicing Ki is dangerous?!

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Dude, he's quoting a classical Chinese text and saying that it is the secret of his Aikido. It doesn't get much more influential than that.

This is where I get off.


He didn't say it was the secret of Aikido. There is no secret. He pointed out to a person concerned what that particular person or group of persons were not understanding. He no doubt pointed out other principles to others when they were lacking them.

I can just see them now running away and expounding how he has told them the secret too.

Yin and yang is basically a no brainer rather than a secret. Unless of course you're not used to such spiritual concepts in which case it will be like some special secret.

Non resistance is a 'secret' of Aikido too, as is kokyu and universal love and the spirit of loving protection and of course Ki. Not forgetting the course. Many 'secrets''

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