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Re: Ki energy defined

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It is one of the reasons that I tried to stress the acceptance of mental models, they may not be ultimate truth, but they sure can come in handy.
This is the very definition of skilful means. It is fine (essential!) to play with body coordination, visualization, and mental models which are not strictly true in an attempt to produce results which are outside the bounds of your partner's expectations, or even outside the bounds of your own expectation. As long as you are bounded by your own expectation you are guaranteed to produce only mundane results.

Within that context, science is useful only in so far as it allows us to avoid branches in the path that are distinctly identifiable as red herrings such as magic, undiscovered fundamental forces, homeopathy, etc..

That is why science consistently fails to produce results in the area of human physical development. It cannot answer the questions we have within our lifetimes, and therefore we must go forth and empiricize, armed with a curious mind and a calibrated bullshit-meter.

"The world’s most successful athletes and coaches rely on exercise science the way deer hunters rely on the accordion." - Greg Glassman