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Re: Ki energy defined

Gary, the only reason the debate matters is that while much of truth is subjective, in certain areas a great deal of human, societal and actual capital has been utilized to further understanding. To clutter that with disinformation, window dressed with jargon, offends my sensibilities and further confuses people. This era of humanity’s adolescence, when it is almost impossible to have an informed opinion about many things without being an actual expert, is unsettling to most people. Creating clutter only make it worse. We have a lot to think about in these days and only so much time to do so, removing noise at the source clarifies things. Back to Ki.

Keith I had to go look up reification thanks for that, certainly a concept we should all get familiar with in this day and age. It is one of the reasons that I tried to stress the acceptance of mental models, they may not be ultimate truth, but they sure can come in handy. In another thread on another site I had to throw a free body diagram at the readers because people were talking vectors, and they were wrong. I used them to define the stability testing problem not how to sit seiza and be stable; just deconstructed the simplified incoming force into its appropriate components. Define the problem first then solve it.

After that I was asked to explain another somewhat more complicated stability exercise with physics. To which I had to reply, to what end? Some simple discussion of the video in question sufficed to illuminate the major points without resorting to diagrams and matrices. Another said we should remove all the mumbo jumbo from the art. I replied that the mumbo jumbo was pretty well embedding the pedagogy, and provided useful mental models as well as feedback for all the little drills that together form the skill set that is connected and stable body. Sensation, while inexact and easily fooled is one of our best methods for training the body

The concept/feeling of shooting ki out your unbendable arm certainly is a better signal to train off of, and provides better results that just explaining that you are altering the direction of forces in the uke and nage interaction. I do both, ki sensation to train the body, force explanation to satisfy the mind. Similarly this weekend, the sensation of pushing out in all six directions while pulling silk was certainly easier to attain and wrap your head around than trying to exhaustively define the body tensegrity state. It is certainly more useful training feedback. As you guys know this stuff is hard to do correctly, let alone consistently, without thought and under real world conditions; there is always 1 of 20 to forget.

Stubbing one’s toe make for an excellent lesson with a high degree of retention. The key to “having something” is finding the right tools and information to solve the problem and then doing the work. These problems have been solved by many with only Bronze Age technology/knowledge modern thinking should help us understand more fully what is occurring, but doesn’t decrease the work required. Gary, Keith I’d like to think we did some work and moved a little closer both here and this weekend on the mat.

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