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Re: Ki energy defined

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And what I find astounding is that some seem to feel that saying "ki doesn't exist" as a material thing, as a fundamental particle, or even as anything else relatively familiar somehow detracts from the concept of ki as being valuable, useful, and loaded with useful meaning. It doesn't. Reification can be an ugly thing and it sinks many a philosophical argument. You don't have to make it "something", reify it, to discuss it and for it to have some value on some level or another.
Word. And it's an error both sides fall into--such as people on the ki-mystic side feeling they have to turn it into something concrete (quarks, fifth force) in order for it to have validity. They're playing on their opponents' turf and don't even know it.

Evolution doesn't prove God doesn't exist, any more than hammers prove carpenters don't exist.