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Re: Ki energy defined

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
In the end what does science, logic or philosophical debate matter?

Last weekend I was trying to do something I've been working on, practicing, etc. And got shut down because out of the 20 things to get right I managed to forget about one. So I failed and my partner shut me down unwilling to just let me have it. I smiled, said a bad word, then fixed it and did it again. Now lather, rinse and repeat over and over again. That was the weekend for me. But one time it happened I was reminded of a story about Samuel Johnson answering a question about Berkeley's idealism. Basically Berkeley held that there were no such thing as material objects. When Johnson was asked what he thought of Berkeley, the story goes he kicked nearby large rock and said "Thus I disprove Berkeley." It's easy to make claims but a heck of a lot harder to make it work when the rubber hits the road. Too many people spend way too much time talking in their self-affirming bubble environments rather than getting out with those actually doing and seeing how it works. For the physics discussion those making some claims really ought to bounce those ideas off actual scientists and see how that goes.

Me, I prefer kicking rocks as I form my theories. "Ouch. Okay, something's not right... Let me work on that and see what needs to get fixed." Pretty simple, really. Funny this thread revolves around themes of science. And yet those making scientific claims are doing exactly what the scientific method tries most to avoid. Theories are fine, but you also test them out. The physics stuff here is a huge area of incredibly complex study with a large body of highly intricate and repeatedly verified information to back it up. The same can be done in training -- you just have to be willing to put it on the line and not just with the adoring fans. Make it work and you *might* have something. Might.

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