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Re: Ki energy defined

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
Hey, I used Russell's teapot in another thread similar to this recently. Stealing my perfectly good philosophical debate point... Can't you scientists leave us philosophers with a few good arguments?

But please, carry on. The logic guy in me has loved the various straw man arguments to go along with various ontological confusions interspersed with what is at best simplistic technology babble mixed with pseudo-science.
In the end what does science, logic or philosophical debate matter? You either have something or you don't.....The only way to check is to get with folks you don't know and show it. The other thing is to have a clear understanding of where you are on the path...that takes getting with people you don't know to level set also. Really pretty simple.

Isn't that what you, I, Hillary, and others where doing this past weekend?