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Strategy in Aikido?

I was reading through the Art of War, when I started thinking about learning strategy in school. As far as I know, we have no military strategy schools in sweden, and since I'm very interested in military strategy, I looked for other places to learn strategy. I didn't find many. Now, around the 16th century in japan, strategy was taught in martial arts schools. Is it still taught in some martial art dojo's? Does anybody out there attend a dojo where they teach strategy as well as Aikido? I know that Aikido is solely for self-defence purposes, but when defending many people, one can benefit from more advanced strategy than when to move and when to throw.

I think that learning battle strategy would be fun, and I think I'm going to see if I can implement strategy in Aikido, starting with the Art of War.

Now, many of you would probably say that Aikido is about reacting to your opponent, there's no need for learning advanced strategy.

But I think that strategy is just that, reacting to your opponent, and sometimes reacting to what you think your opponent's action will be, when you don't see it. I'm pretty sure my Aikido will benefit from learning strategy.

I might be totally wrong, but at least I think this will turn into an interesting discussion, and then my english skills will benefit from it, so whatever the answer might be, I win.


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