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Re: Is ki just good physics?

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Taking the time to visualize a technique before executing it takes one out of the moment, weakening mind/body coordination which will result in one being in less than his/her most dependable and powerful state (no Ki).
i would disagree with this. as the uke for Ikeda sensei a number of times, he had no problem of dropping me on my ass whether i wanted to not. i mentioned above about his concept of "kata". essentially, visualize the technique, be it ikkyo or kotegaeshi or shihonage or whatever, before contact made. i have followed this approach and it worked quite well. and when i said visualization, i don't mean..oh my left hand needs to do this, my right foot need to do this, and wait my head need to turn this way..... the example that Ikeda sensei mentioned was like a cookie cutter. you use the cookie cutter to stamp the shapes of the cookie. to form the cookie cutter ahead of time (visualize) and not wait until you make cookie, then try to start getting out a sheet of metal and forming the cookie cutter. and the forming of the cookie cutter, kata, happens in fraction of a second. of course, like verything we do, this required training, lots of training. however, the visualization happens before the technique execute, actually, before contact was made.

The synergy of mind/body coordination (Ki extension) allows the practitioner to perform at higher levels of proficiency than would otherwise be possible in its absence. This is easily demonstrated via Ki testing by having students perform the tests both with and without a high degree of mind/body coordination. Likewise the ability to coordinate mind and body can be strengthened by using the Ki test as an exercise whereby the student is subject to gradually increased loads that require higher degrees of mind/body coordination to successfully deal with.
based on your statements, would that mean ki = mind/body coordination? the mind will it, and the body execute it? want to throw something in here. the new fighter jet designed with very high degree of instability which required a fast computer to make constant minute adjustments. the new jet fighter cannot be flown manually by any pilot. since its brain (computer) and its body (jet fighter plane) are highly in sync, wouldn't that mean the new jet fighter plane has high degree of ki?

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