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Cady Goldfield
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Re: IS: Where to start?

Hi Bill,
I'm glad you were able to connect with Mr. Nishad. I am familiar with his name though I have not met him. Hopefully, those contacts he gave you will work out and you'll have some help getting started with your internal training.

Sam Chin and Jimmy Heow are cousins. Both were trained in I Liq Chuan by Sam Chin's father, Lik Keong Chin, who lives in Malaysia.

Sifu Sam developed the system and curriculum to make it easier to teach I Liq Chuan to Westerners, who are accustomed to learning and being taught in a different way than the way students learn and are taught in traditional Asian culture. Sifu Heow still teaches in the traditional Asian way in which he came up.

Some basic ILC history:

If you Google I Liq Chuan, Sam Chin and Jimmy Heow, a lot of YouTube videos of both men will come up.

IMO, your instincts are correct about which way will be the most direct way for you to train and develop internal skills. Good luck, and have fun!

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