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Bill Hely
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Re: IS: Where to start?

Hi Cady.

I have had a reply from Joey Nishad, Instructor Level 5 in Wuji I LIQ Chuan, which seems to be a variation of the I Liq Chuan system of Master Sam Chin. According to Joey the main difference is in the teaching systems. He described it thus:

"...master Sam Chin's system has a wonderful syllabus and has a very systematic training progression while Sifu Jimmy's system is taught the old school way mostly, a lot of contact time between the teacher and the student."

Pretty much as you said, so I'm more attracted to the systematic approach of the Master Sam style.

Joey is a qualified instructor under the Wuji I Liq Chuan system, and is also a student under master Sam Chin in the I Liq Chuan system, but not yet a certified instructor under the latter. At my level (non-level!) I'm not too concerned about whether an experienced instructor is yet "certified", so long as he has the genuine knowledge to get me started the right way.

Unfortunately Joey Nishad is currently in Thailand and won't return to Brisbane until the end of January next year. However he is going to give me the contact details for some experienced people who hopefully will be prepared to share their experience.

In the meantime I will order the 2-DVD set "Introduction to 15 Basic Exercises".
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