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Re: Ki energy defined

Since you made me read all that. Don’t confuse faith as an expectation of future outcome based upon previous experience, with dogmatic faith, which by definition can have no proof; it’s faith. I often use the former, but consider the latter to be not only the null hypothesis of rationality but the potential downfall of civilization as we know it; the thing most likely to prevent humanity from reaching the global stewardship phase of civilization. But I digress this is an aikido forum.

Sorry Corkey you don’t get to turn me into uke in this argument, I neither have to defend the scientific method, nor do I have to refute your conflation of sub atomic physics, abiogenesis, the Quackenbush spirituality project, Usheba’s aikido, the derivation of feline existence as an expression of fundamental forces or how hard it is to make a really good soufflé.

My current working definition of Ki is “the skillful expression of capable intent”, your mileage may vary and this is a work in progress, as is life. That we use mental models to define our training methods or provide some form of feedback we can key off of, to develop difficult to describe and complex body kinematics is understandable, acceptable, and fully encouraged. Learning through simple sensitivity exercises and drills that together develop the interlocking aspects of connected body and stability, rather than diagramming the whole shebang and applying Runge-Kutta, yields far better results and does not annoy the pig.

If a personal philosophy, spiritual model or epistemology of enumerating pin dancers gets you through the day, well bully for you. That is the thing about personal philosophies, they are personal. But, when you postulate a personal theory that portends to redefine physics without the math, nor the ability to predict outcomes, then you are stepping into the pool with fierce intellectual big boys who think orders of magnitude above your pay grade (FYI I sure as hell am not in that club either). To wrap your "perfect model" in technical jargon implies you know what you are talking about; in this respect you don’t. I have a degree in physics and I am unambiguously unqualified to make statements such as yours; I am just educated enough to know that.

As to your aikido, I have neither touched your fudotai nor jostled your fudoshin (present endeavors excepted). Maybe these ideas have made you a sublime master of the art, maybe not. If they have improved your art that is great and we expect to see great things from you.

Quantum mechanics is defined in math not “described in greater detail” (serious cart before the horse action here). Go learn to solve the Schrodinger equation and you will have learned the alphabet. With a little work you will soon be utterly flummoxed as is the warp and woof of most human kind, nerds included. You are allowed to jump out of your sandbox, just make sure you are sporting the right equipment to stick the landing.