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Cady Goldfield
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Re: IS: Where to start?

Hi Bill,
As others here will likely attest, the "purest" way to learn a body methodology like this really requires hands-on contact with someone who will help you to experience and feel both the sensations and the physical effects of the process, and correct any errors or deficiencies in the student as he/she trains.

However, Sam F.S. Chin has parsed out that process to such a fine degree that a person can start to develop fundamental skills by using a DVD, particularly the very elementary first steps -- building structure being the first step. In fact, he did that specifically so people in far-flung places could start to train the skills in the absence of any in-person instruction.
In addition, the ILC website (the link to which I included previously) has a forum where you can ask questions and get responses from other ILC people ... and there are really experienced people with great skills. There are also many clips on YouTube of different aspects of training.

In my opinion, even just adding proper structure and balancing of In/Yo (Yin/Yang) to one's kit, can hugely improve stability and effectiveness in one's aikido or other art. So, if you invest in any DVDs, start with the fundamentals. Eventually, you'll need a partner, but if you can connect with someone in he Brisbane area through that e-mail or phone number, I believe you may find there is a study group.

I started training in ILC early last year with a study group in my area, and have had the opportunity to train with Sam Chin and some of his senior students many times in classes at his home, since then. I can aver that it is a very rational, organized and effective way of training and refining internal skills and their martial (and also non-martial) applications.
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