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Bill Hely
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Question IS: Where to start?

I practice Aikido and Kyusho and have recently been thinking about a deeper investigation of internal strength to take my arts further and to a higher level of accomplishment.

When I started looking for an avenue for studying and developing internal strength the whole issue became very confusing. So many different names, invariably Chinese. There even seems to be myriad different types of the more common ones such as Qigong and Tai Chi, aimed at different audiences and focused on developing different outcomes -- health, serenity, etc.

I'm certainly including ki development, but not only ki development as it relates to Aikido. I've done enough reading to carelessly throw around terms such as "silk reeling", dantian, "six harmonies", strengthening the fascia, and so on, but remain clueless as to where to make a start.

I've also read that there are many "experts" teaching internal strength development, who are in fact not actually doing so in the pure form. Reportedly their skills often involve a degree of muscle strength that shouldn't be there.

Q1: which of the many styles/artforms would be the best for a beginner looking for a path to develop internal strength for martial applications. I need really basic stuff, like terminology, realistically attainable goals, the path to those goals, and so on.

Q2. A bit of a stretch I know, but any recommendations for a teacher in the Brisbane, Australia area.

I'm inclined to avoid those organisations that have franchises run by people who get "regular instruction from head office". In other words, I'm looking for a teacher who is him/herself a genuine expert in some discipline of internal strength.

Any informed suggestions very welcome.
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