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Re: to ki or not to ki

Krystal Locke wrote: View Post
That sounds more like good biomechanics to me. The ability to arrange the body so that incoming force is borne by aligned skeletal structure rather than resisted by muscular contraction. Is ki just good physics?
Take out "aligned," if by that you mean "in a line."

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
That's fine, but I'm with Krystal: it sounds like mechanics to me (directed by the mind, but be sure, but aren't all volitional movements?). I'd like to thank you for clarifying your terms, though. I get the feeling that when most people use the term "ki", they don't mean what you mean...but I don't have a dog in the "what is ki" hunt at all, at all.
FWIW, I didn't see anything to disagree with in Ron's post from his description of ki and ki development when compared with what I'm doing these days. I haven't been on the mat with him, but It resonates when he says you can make this stuff work from unstable positions, and that it's very practical and detailed rather than being highly esoteric. Tohei had and passed down a lot of good stuff...

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