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Re: Practicing Ki is dangerous?!

Thanks for your discussion!!

Budd and my teacher both said that Chi is dangerous. But I think the concept of Chi in Chi Gong has something different from Ki in Aikido. Or it is the same thing but have two different ways of approach, and the Aikido's way maybe is the more harmless. Chi Gong master mention about its danger, but Aikido master did not say Ki's danger at all. If practicing Aikido, especially Ki, is dangerous and OSensei or Tohei sensei did not mention about it, so this is a tremendous irresponsibility which nearly impossible came from people like them.

I'm practicing Tenshinkai Aikido, my teacher said he was a student of Dang Thong Phong sensei. But that make me become more concern about the fact that he mention about Ki or practicing Ki really are the way people do with Chi in Chi Gong, not in Aikido at all. <-- I don't know if you get what I mean, it hard for me to explain it in english.
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