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Re: Ki energy defined


First, I like the concept of concrete expression of ki. I am more likely to accept a definition of ki if it can be expressed and replicated. The ol' "kokoro" thing does work, even if it is not fancy. I think there is a big difference in application when you go from arm-chair quarterback to being on the field. I respect the people who are putting forth replicable aiki; even more so when they can show it to you in a weekend.

Second, I think when we over-complicate what is going on, it becomes very difficult to express aiki organically. So I find myself bouncing back and forth between relying on "fundamental" aiki, and exploring the wooga-wooga stuff. And, what I once though to be wooga-wooga stuff is now fundamental stuff.

You tell me aikido is polka dots, you have an obligation to show me how its polka dots. You wanna call BS on someone, show up on their door, call BS, and grab their wrist. Their stuff either works or it don't.

Also, as a shameless plug, we are having George Ledyard Sensei in Atlanta Dec. 6-8. I consider George Sensei to be a leader in sharing aiki, explaining it, and empowering students within a seminar to walk away with a better understanding of aiki. He does so much wooga-wooga stuff he needs a grass skirt. He also loves to be called on BS. And unicorns - he loves unicorns.