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there is good in all martial arts dare i even say tae kwan do, but thats another matter. to say aikido isnt practical only shows how much of a fool u trully are. from what u have wrote, u should have never opened up your mouth. until u have put some time in training in any martial art, keep your inaccurate points of view to your self.
it sounds like to me you just wanna study martial arts only to learn how to hurt others. and that for sure is the wrong motivation. because you will always come across someone who is bigger and stronger. then u will be in for a rude awakening. and eventually in those others arts as u get older your "power" will deminish. aikido is for life as it does not pit strength against strength. it agrees with the flow and redirects it. allowing many to practise aikido well into their later years
so please if you are gonna check out the martial arts, please take the time first to evaluate what yourself. if you find you are training to just become the biggest "bad-ass." do us all a favor and dont train. the martial arts are a way of life not a way of taking life. take the time and realize the martial arts are for changing yourself and not to be a point to focus agressive behavior
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