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Re: Ki energy defined

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Newton's math is still good, yes, but Einstein showed Newton's understanding of what gravity is to be incomplete.
These are your words: "BTW, Einstein's gravity (which is a curvature of space caused by mass) did disprove and replace Newton's gravity (which is a force)." (emphasis added)

I repeat, it did neither.

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
I repeat: if I'm wrong, please explain how. Your current stance seems to be that after a long time in aikido, people naturally come around to your correct way of thinking, and that therefore you are not burdened with explaining yourself. That's a pretty quick way to kill a conversation. I'm happy to listen, but you're giving me nothing to listen to.
Again, your words that I responded to: "I am continually amazed by the number of people for whom it is not enough for aikido to simply be aikido."

Since you have not made a falsifiable statement there's nothing for me to point to as being right or wrong. My current stance, as you so skillfully misinterpret, is that with time and maturity one's views and perceptions are apt to undergo significant alterations. Believe it or not, I don't care, and am certainly under no obligation to explain myself to you.

Please feel free to get the last word in, I'm done with this.