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Re: It Had to Be Felt #43: Kanetsuka Minoru: "Following in the Footsteps"

After doing Judo in my youth I started out in Tomiki Aikido. Once I got the bug I went on a course with Terry Ezra Sensei in 1984 and was hooked even more. He told me his teacher was Kanetsuka Sensei so I just had to go and see for myself. When I first saw him I was amazed. Then, he got sick and became thin and gaunt and everyone though he was going to die of cancer - but he beat it. At first, I think people let him throw them about a bit because he was sick but after awhile it became apparent that his technique had changed for the better, especially once he got well again. I can remember grabbing him and not being able to keep my balance though we were almost static. Bizarre. His technique felt perfect - there was never any pain, not the slghtest bit, but it was as firm as firm could be. You could trust him 100% and you would just fall where you were thrown with no apprehension. The only other person ever to do all that to me is Ezra Sensei, who was at that time probably his #1 student. At some point I remember there was a big split in the org - I was only a white belt so knew little and cared less - but I knew that Kanetsuka Sensei was the guy to follow. I later went to Japan and did Yoshinkan myself - as well as Aikikai and Shiseikan and Judo. Yoshinkan's Aikido-by-numbers approach can be infuriating at times but the techniques they teach are excellent. I never knew Kanetsuka Sensei was from a Yoshinkan source until I went there and did it myself and figured it out. Then, someone at Shiseikan told me and it just clicked, especially as they also followed Kashima Shinryu. If I have any skill today, even though I only saw them on occasional courses, it comes from a combination of Ezra and Kanetsuka and years of thinking about it, keeping it in mind and trying it out. I have had many teachers over the years but well - no comparison.

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